• 1st Prize III Sculpture Contest Silvestre de Edeta 2011. Líria City Council
• Honor Medal XXº López-Villaseñor Award 2011. Ciudad Real
• 1st Prize in Painting “Juventud 2011”. Castellón City Council
• 1st Prize José Camarón 2010. Segorbe City Council
• Honourable Mention IV Figurative Sculpture Award 2010. Badajoz City Council
• 1st Prize Galarsa Sculpture 2009. XIX Autum Awards. Chiva City Council
• 1st Prize Bancaja-Segorbe Foundation 2008. José Camarón Contest. Segorbe City Council
• 1st Prize Senyera Sculpture 2007. Valencia City Council

Art works in institutions

• Valencia City Council
• Noja City Council
• Villareal City Council
• Chiva City Council
• Segorbe City Council
• Alicante City Council. Centro 14
• Castalia Iuris. Castellón
• Valencia County Council
• Bancaja-Segorbe Foundation
• Castellón City Council
• Liria City Council



• 1º y 2º years of Doctorate and Research at the Sculpture Department of the Fine Arts Faculty of Madrid. Complutense University
• Honorary Contributor at the Sculpture Department. UCM. Madrid
• Pedagogical Adaptation Course (CAP) and Teaching Practice at “La Palma” Arts School in High School Arts Degree. Madrid


• Graduate in Fine Arts (Sculpture). Fine Arts Faculty. Polytechnic University of Valencia.



• Assistant Scholar in the Project “Color en Ecuador” sponsored by la U.C.M. (Quito y Cuenca. Ecuador)


• Assistant Scholar at the Sculpture Department of the Fine Arts Faculty of Madrid in order to attend the International Art Symposium SIANOJA 2006. Noja. Cantabria
• Assistant Scholar at the Sculpture Department in order to attend the “IV International Forum of Experts in Contemporary Art. ARCO 2006”. Madrid
• Assistant Scholar in the Cooperation Project “Bellas Artes y Pinto con Matruchhaya” in India. Sponsored by the Complutense University of Madrid and the Pinto City Council and coordinated by José Luis Gutiérrez


• "Séneca" Assistant Scholar at the Fine Arts Faculty of Sevilla.

Press reviews

• Las Provincias. GPS. Friday January 20th 2012
• Levante-EMV. Arte Castelló. April 2011
• Cuadernos. El Periódico Mediterráneo. April 2011
• December 2009
• La Red Comarcal. December 9th 2009
• Article in the LECOMENTS Magazine. Nº 10. 2007
• Diario Alerta. Saturday January 24th 2006
• El diario Montañés. Monday January 19th 2006

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