Contemporary sculpture

The deep exploration of the human being through Martí Moreno's contemporary sculpture

Martí Moreno stands as one of the vital references when it comes to understanding the nature of contemporary sculpture. His artistic practice draws from theoretical sources based on philosophy, psychology, psychoanalysis, and literature. Through his sculptural forms, he approaches the natural world, reflecting the inner essence of all organisms that shape reality.

It is not by chance that the human figure he sculpts is filled with nooks, edges, arid materials, vulnerably suspended in the air, imprisoned or contained within frames and showcases. It is a way of revealing the bodily labyrinths through which the soul navigates and manifests itself in the body through signals, emotions, wounds, scars, and words.

Martí Moreno delves into the abyss of human consciousness. Through his sculptures, he examines the primal instincts of love and death, desire, sex, and the inevitable fall. His sculptures convey an adoration for life with all its lights and shadows, and through our clear gaze, the fears depicted in his works have the power to transform us. And that is what contemporary sculpture is about: the profound understanding of the human being and its intricate fragments.

Discover the magic of contemporary sculpture embodied by Martí Moreno and his exploration of the human being. Each of his sculptures is a unique testament to artistic expression in the contemporary context. By combining traditional techniques and avant-garde concepts, Martí Moreno creates pieces that challenge conventions and awaken the curiosity of the viewer.

Martí Moreno’s contemporary sculpture is an introspective journey that invites reflection on the complexity of the human being in modern society. His works capture the essence of the human experience, from the deepest emotions to the contradictions of our existence. Through the exploration of materials and forms, Martí Moreno manages to convey a visceral connection between art and the observer.

Martí Moreno is recognized in the art world for his unique vision of contemporary sculpture. His works defy conventions and break barriers, exploring new creative horizons. Each sculpture is a manifestation of his deep understanding of the human being and his ability to depict it in three-dimensional forms. Martí Moreno’s contemporary sculpture is an invitation to contemplate reality from different perspectives and discover beauty in the complexity of our existence.

Martí Moreno’s contemporary sculpture transcends the boundaries of the tangible. His works are not only an artistic representation but also a window into the internal world of the human being. Through the exploration of forms, textures, and spaces, Martí Moreno reveals the nuances of our deepest emotions, experiences, and thoughts. His unique approach to contemporary sculpture invites us to reflect on our own humanity and connect with the essence of what it means to be human.