The transience of our existence

These sculptures belong to the series called VANITAS, a collection in the process of development where the symbolic reflections of death (Thanatos) and the joy of life (Eros) are deeply interconnected, dependent yet opposed. The entire series follows the baroque nature of vanitas or sculptural still life. Vanitas is an artistic genre that emphasizes the emptiness of life and the persistence of death as the end of worldly pleasures. It is considered a subgenre of still life, typically with high symbolic and allegorical value. The word vanitas means “vanity” in Latin, signifying the emptiness and transience of life and its pleasures. The desire for life is related to erotic and sexual desires, the body, and the flesh in a broad sense. The black frame alludes to death, which is in some way the only true, inevitable reality, representing permanence, closure, and irrevocability. The series takes the pictorial aspects of the baroque still life into sculpture-collage, but it does not have a moral or religious purpose, rather serving as a reflection on the transience of the living.

Otras Series